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Bug Bites

We are often asked this question:”Is this a bug bite?”
So, here’s the rule of thumb:
Mosquito bites look similar to sand flies, no-see-ums, etc. Most are red itchy lumps.
Chigger bites are often small red bumps under tight clothing. These bites are Very itchy.
Flea Bites may appear in clusters or lines on the ankles.
Spider bites are usually something else 80% of the time.

Remember to check for ticks after outdoor activities. Be sure to check the scalp. To remove a tick it is best to take a pair of tweezers and press them close to the skin around the tick and SLOWLY pull the tick out of the skin.

Treatment for most bites are the same. Cold compresses and over the counter topicals such as hydrocortisone, counterirritants such as Sarna lotion, or protectants such as calamine. If the itching is intense then Benadryl is good for nighttime use because of the drowsiness . For daytime use try Zyrtec or it’s generic Certirizine which is effective and won’t cause severe drowsiness. Stay away from topical antihistamines due to contact dermatitis as a risk.

Prevention is the best treatment. Use DEET or picaridin to ward off most biting insects. 30% DEET is safe for kids over 2 months and is ok for nursing or pregnant Moms.

Enjoy the Summer and remember Christian’s Pharmacist is only a phone call away.